Last for three years I have been working as as creative director at DRKN. I founded the company in 2015. In charge of campaigns, socialmedia and general tone of the brand. Monitoring market trends and oversees advertising and marketing activities to ensure the right message is delivered for DRKN. Leading personally the creative production of DRKNs campaigns woldwide from South Korea to LA.
From Dazed and confused: 
DRKN is the first-ever brand inspired wholly by gaming culture and e-sport. It sounds pretty niche, but the virtual landscapes and online identities with which hundreds of millions of people engage with daily are, in fact, a global market yet untapped by the reaches of the fashion industry. But DRKN is more than just fashion: it’s out to overturn cultural and social boundaries with its output, by applying the rules of virtual gaming realities to the physical world.

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